Headphone Zeroground HD-1200G SOJI Προβολή μεγένθυσης

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Headphone Zeroground HD-1200G SOJI


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Headphone Zeroground HD-1200G SOJI 

Overview:The Zeroground Headsets offer professional audio performance in games. Incorporates more advanced features for players to enter fully into the game. Its high-fidelity speakers produce quality sound and create a unique acoustic environment thanks to its comfortable and adaptable soft padded arms. Your microphone incorporates the latest technology for noise suppression and provides excellent communication giving maximum realism to games. 


 Mic frequency range : 30Hz - 16KHz 
Mic sensitivity : -54dB +/-2dB
Cable length : 2,2m
Connectors : mic and audio jack 3.5mm 
Adaptor 1x 3,5mmF to 2x 3,5mm M 

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